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What is a Leaky Gut?

The whole body is interconnected. What you eat can have an affect on many body systems and functions. Much of our health is created in the gut!
The lining of your digestive tract has the job of keeping out large particles that can damage your system. When this “net” gets damaged, it allows even bigger particles of food to pass through.
This is termed leaky gut.
What kind of food will leak out? Gluten proteins, other undigested food particles, and bacteria. This leads to inflammation throughout the body.
One warning sign that you are experiencing leaky gut is that you have a gluten sensitivity. 
Healing your gut often requires removing the offending food. Taking gluten out of your diet and adding in other nourishing foods can help the healing process.
Foods that help the body heal are:
✨Bone broth - contains healing collagen, amino acids proline and glycine that help heal the damaged cell walls.
✨Fermented foods - balance intestinal pH and contains probiotics
✨Healthy fats - for improved digestion
✨Omega 3 fats - anti-inflammatory foods
✨Probiotics - replenish good bacteria
✨Digestive enzymes - ensures foods are fully digested
✨L-glutamine - helps with repair of intestinal lining
✨Cultured dairy - aid in the growth of beneficial bacteria
This post was co written by @lauralivesthegoodlife since she is one with years of experience on this topic.
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