What if I said the answer is yes and no? – Just Ingredients

What if I said the answer is yes and no?

If the product says organic and does not have the USDA certified organic label on it, I do not fully trust it. A lot of companies make a lot of claims on their packaging (even though they are not supposed to).
If the product has the USDA certified label, it has gone through third party testing and passed strict regulations. I believe these ones. The following must be true:
No artificial dyes
No artificial sweeteners
No artificial preservatives
No artificial flavorings
No glyphosate sprayed directly on the crops
No added hormones
No antibiotics
No gmos
Animal feed 100% organic and not with glyphosate by products. 
No ionizing radiation 
No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or sewage sludge
Farmed to maintain soil and water quality and conserve biodiversity.
As for the non gmo label. There are only 🔟 crops sold on the market today that are gmo. They are:
Sugar beets (sugar)
Golden rice
So when you see a non gmo verified label on a product that contains one of these items, then it’s valid and very helpful to know that info.
But when I see a non gmo label on Quaker Oats or Gerber pear baby food, I consider it a marketing ploy. Those are not a gmo crop in the first place. So they put that label on their non gmo products just to look healthier, when in reality it means nothing.
And just as a reminder... I don’t necessarily have a problem with gmo crops. I have a problem with the gmo crops that have been genetically modified to thrive with glyphosate on them.