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What does this Elderberry have to do with babies/kids?

👶🍼As a parent, this is my most go to item when kids are sick. This is the one item I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you have sitting in your medicine cabinet! Have it on hand when that child’s illness hits in the middle of the night!
1️⃣ Elderberry is an AMAZING antiviral herb. 
2️⃣ Therefore, elderberry has natural properties to help with the flu, colds, sinus infections, inflammation, and more. I’ve had doctors tell me there isn’t much you can take if you get the flu. Wrong! 
3️⃣ ⭐️⭐️If used within 48 hrs of the flu hitting, studies have shown elderberry to help reduce the symptoms by an average of 4 days. (Journal of International Medical Research). And I swear it does!!!
4️⃣ In 1995, Panama’s government issued Elderberry out as a way to help fight their flu epidemic.
5️⃣ The berries contain chemical compounds called anthocyanidins which have immune system stimulant effects
6️⃣ Elderberries have amazing antioxidants. It has more flavonoids than blueberries, blackberries, gogi berrries, and cranberries.
7️⃣ They also contain a lot of vit. c and vit. A.
8️⃣ Elderberry has been traced since the ancient Egyptians as a very effective medicine used.
The elderberry syrups/tinctures pictured above are all good options. You can buy them off of Amazon or many grocery stores carry some. You can even make homemade elderberry syrup as well. The last pic is from @_naturallykyra. She has amazing instructions on how to make it if interested. This is not an item you take everyday. You take it as soon as you feel an illness coming on. Or if one person gets sick in the home I have all the other people in the home start on it. I suggest not taking it for more than 5- 10 days. And all ages can take this. Do NOT give babies younger than 1 the elderberry that has honey in it. Gummies are not my first choice. They usually are filled with more sugar and fillers. And you have to eat so many gummies to get a decent amount of elderberry.
I’m a big believer that as soon as you’re sick, it’s best to help your body heal with the proper nutrients! So when those kiddos get sick too, help their bodies out!