What are in your tortillas? – Just Ingredients

What are in your tortillas?

Remember a 👎🏻 doesn’t mean you’ve now got cancer from eating that product or that you’re now dying. Sometimes people’s comments reflect that as their interpretation. It simply means, it doesn’t have the greatest of ingredients so next time just buy a “better” choice.
If you’re new to eating healthy, then a simple rule of thumb for food is, don’t eat it unless you know what the ingredients are. Tortillas are a perfect example of this.
Tortillas ingredients should be things you can pronounce... some type of flour, oil, salt, water, etc. (swipe to see the pics of the list of ingredients).
The 👎🏻pics have:
Hydrogenated oil 👎🏻
Soybean oil 👎🏻
Possible glyphosate sprayed wheat, soy, sugar👎🏻
Mono-and Diglycerides👎🏻
And so many fillers with names that make you sound like you’re a chemist when you say them 👎🏻.
The same goes with corn tortillas. No fillers needed. And remember corn is a gmo crop heavily sprayed with glyphosate as well.
The 👍🏻 pics can be found at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Costco.