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Up to You

This morning I was at the gym, and not feeling that great. I knew I had not eaten enough protein or drank enough water the day before and I was feeling it. The thought came in my head... you are the only one that can take care of your body.
Yes! You can definitely go to doctors (which I’m so grateful for), and they can give you a medicine or a treatment plan, but it still requires you to go through with it. It requires YOU to take action.
. 👉🏻🌟Perfect example...
I was talking to a woman dealing with depression. She was telling me how horrible it was and that she’s been battling it and working on it for years. I asked her a series of questions. I asked:
Are you taking turmeric? No
Are you taking magnesium? No
Do you use any herbs? No
Are you exercising? Sometimes
Are you taking collagen? No
Are you using bone broth? No
Do you use a clean body lotion without parabens or phthalates? No
Have you gotten rid of parabens and phthalates from your beauty supplies? No
Do you eat fermented food for good bacteria or take a probiotic? No
Do you watch your artificial sweeteners you use? Sort of.
Do you eat a variety of vegetables daily? Sometimes
Have you had your hormones tested? No
Have you seen a functional medicine doctor? No.
With empathy, because I’ve been there before, I wanted to say... well WHO are you waiting for❓You are the only one that can buy the turmeric and take it daily. You are the only one that can tell yourself to go exercise and do it. You are the only one who is going to make a smoothie and put some herbs or collagen in it. You are the only one who is going to go to the store and purchase yourself a cleaner body lotion. You are the only one who can decide to stop eating man made chemicals. You are the one that needs to be at the doctors appointment.
👉🏻So this week, I challenge YOU to take 1 more step on your health journey. What’s 1 more step that YOU can do better at that will help YOU on your health journey?