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Take baby steps!


As I tell you more about baby items this week remember these 5 things...

🍼1. Learning all of this info at once and trying to change everything you do at once is WAY TOO OVERWHELMING!

🍼2. Take baby steps! Reach milestones. So for instance maybe get rid of all artificial dyes in your home. When you’re done with that, move on to another ingredient. Or maybe change one item a week in your home. Or whatever plan makes this health journey work for you.

 🍼3. I write a lot on my posts to try to educate others, not to overwhelm you. Because I’ve got readers at all different spots in their health journey, I feel like I need to keep educating. If you’re not ready to make the change I talk about, just leave the info and come back to that post when you’re ready for it.

🍼4. There is so much contradicting info out there. I KNOW! I’ve learned that sticking to scientists or medical research (who are not paid by special interest groups) is the best way to go. And that being extreme is never healthy. Learn the info purely so you can make better choices for you and your family.

🍼5. Know that you are doing great! There are so many voices out there telling us otherwise. And remember that new knowledge just brings you greater power to chose better for future purchases. Don’t feel bad about what products you have used or eaten in the past, but feel proud that you are now educated to choose better next time.

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