Snacks On The Go – Just Ingredients

Snacks On The Go

Snacks on the go - 
Why would I encourage someone to pay a couple of more dollars for the bunnies over the goldfish crackers?
1️⃣Wheat - goldfish crackers have enriched wheat flour and bunnies have organic wheat. Wheat is a crop shown by the EPA that is commonly sprayed by glyphosate. So in order to know the wheat has not been sprayed with glyphosate, you have to buy organic.
2️⃣Oils - goldfish crackers use canola and soybean oil, both gmo oils that have been sprayed with numerous synthetic pesticides including glyphosate. Also canola oil is processed with many chemicals including hexane. After pressing the first oils out of the canola seed:

1. The remaining canola seed flakes, containing 18–20% oil, are further broken down using a chemical called hexane to obtain the remainder of the oil. 
2. The hexane is then stripped from the canola meal by heating it a third time at 203–239℉ (95–115°C) through steam exposure. 
3. The extracted oil is then refined by varying methods, such as exposure to phosphoric acid, and filtration through acid-activated clays.
The bunnies crackers use expeller pressed oils that are not gmo. And expeller pressed just means they used force from a machine to squeeze the oil out. (1)
3️⃣Dairy/cheese - both products contain cheese. Remember cows these days can be given growth hormones, antibiotics, and gmo soy and gmo corn for their feed. The organic cheese come from cows without hormones, antibiotics, or gmo feed.
👉🏻🌟And just FYI... remember a 👍🏻 does not mean it’s such a healthy snack that you should go run out and buy it to feed to all of your family. A 👍🏻 simply means it’s a better choice of that product I’m discussing.