Products at Trader Joe's – Just Ingredients

Products at Trader Joe's

I get asked this daily. Now don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE Trader Joe’s! I love that they are trying to bring us healthier options at a lower cost. So grateful for them.
But with that said, you do need to still be an aware consumer when putting items in your cart. Not everything is a 👍🏻.
Trader Joe’s has a big list of ingredients they avoid such as:
Artificial colors
Artificial Flavors
Sodium Benzoate
And so many more! I WISH all grocery stores banned these items!!!
But some of Trader Joe’s non organic items did still test for glyphosate (pic #2- Center for Environmental Health).
And some cleaning products didn’t rate the best on EWG. (Pic#3)
So as with any grocery store, know what’s in the products you are buying!
And thank you Trader Joe’s for banning so many chemicals in the production of your foods!