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NO, gum is not going to kill you!

And I’m not saying to throw out every piece of gum in your house immediately. I’m never an extreme person like that. I chewed this gum for years and years. 👉🏻But I will say, just read this to educate yourself so you can make whatever choice you feel is best for you and your family.
Most gums in the grocery store have:
Aspartame 👎🏻
Ace-K 👎🏻
Artificial colors 👎🏻
BHT preservative 👎🏻
Glyphosate sprayed soy lecithin👎🏻
Artificial flavors 👎🏻
I’ve talked about a lot of those 👎🏻 ingredients on other posts, but let me tell you about 
1️⃣When its labeled with artificial ingredients, that means the flavor can have up to 100 man made chemicals mixed together.
2️⃣ ⭐️In October 2018, the FDA finally banned 7 ingredients used in artificial flavors 👏🏻👏🏻. They are benzophenone, ethyl acrylate, methyl eugenol, myrcene, pulegone, pyridine and styrene. 
3️⃣ These 7 chemicals were shown to cause cancer in animals. It’s a fact they cause cancer, not just maybe a probable carcinogen like so many chemicals.
4️⃣ These 7 chemicals were found in candy, gum, cereal, ice cream, baked goods, and more. They are the chemicals that make citrus, spearmint, mint, and cinnamon flavors.
5️⃣ Pulegone is the banned chemical that made the spearmint and mint flavors in gum.
6️⃣ Food manufacturers have until October 2020 to get rid of these ingredients in their foods. So these chemicals are still out there in our grocery stores 👎🏻.
7️⃣ No, you will never see which products have these 7 ingredients in them. Companies do not have to tell us what is in their artificial ingredients. It’s their “trade” secret.
And a HUGE THANK YOU to the Center for Environmental Health, Center for Food Safety, and Center for Science in the Public Interest. These groups advocate for our safety and spent years showing the FDA the harmful effects of these 7 banned ingredients. If you want to read more about this go to any of their websites!
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