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How to Implement Eating Gluten Free

Celiac Awareness Month - ok last gluten free post for awhile :). And today’s post is a little different... we are talking about HOW to implement eating gluten free. I’m hearing over and over... I just don’t know where to start with going gluten free (or even where to start with cleaning up our food).
It’s too overwhelming emotionally and financially to just toss out your whole kitchen and replace all at once with gluten free items or better items. So here are some tips:
.✨Make a plan.
.✨My favorite plan is the “one item achieved at a time” method. Goes like this:
1. FIGURE OUT- figure out the item you eat the most of in your home that contains gluten. Is it bread? Tortillas? Pasta? Let’s say it’s bread. Then that’s the item you start with first. 
2. FIND - find a few gluten free breads made from good wholesome ingredients. 
3. BUY - buy a variety of those breads. 
4. TRY - try the different brands.
5. CHOOSE - choose the best tasting and the one the majority of people in the home liked the most.
6. MAKE A STAPLE - and the winner of best taste becomes your go to bread and a staple in your home.
7. NO MORE WASTED TIME- You just automatically grab that one at the store now and you don’t have to waste hours at the store trying to decide what bread to purchase.
This process is then repeated for the next item you use the most of in your home that contains gluten.
It’s a series of baby steps that eventually turns into quick grocery shopping trips where you can just grab your favorites. It takes time. But then gluten free eating (or healthier eating) will become a way of life and not an overwhelming challenge!
**This method is great to be used for all types of healthy food changes**
Pics below are some of my favorites for gluten free products. And if you need more help choosing wholesome gluten free items, check out my Gluten Free Guide in my bio!