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Gluten Sensitivity

Have you ever felt off? Tired, achy, bloated? Have you had digestive issues, joint pain, chronic pain, headaches or suffered from inflammation?
Maybe you have felt this way for years! Perhaps you’ve started to wonder if you are sensitive to gluten.
Gluten sensitivity is something that can manifest through all of the above symptoms. Your body has a reaction after eating gluten (but it is not an immune response like Celiac Disease is).
Gluten sensitivity is defined as “Those who develop gastrointestinal or extra-gastrointestinal symptoms, or morphological changes after exposure to dietary gluten.”
There are also some lesser known symptoms that can be the result of a gluten intolerance.
👉🏻Other indications can look like:
Skin rashes
Brain fog
A gluten sensitivity or intolerance may not be the only cause of these issues but it is a possibility. Doing an elimination diet is the gold standard of choice when it comes to identifying food intolerances. It’s amazing how much of our processed food in America has gluten in it.
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