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Fighting Inflammation

“Every specialty in medicine has recognized the link between inflammation and chronic illness.” Dr. Mark Hyman
Yay! Doctors are realizing it!
Why do I care so much? Because 15 years ago when I had severe depression, I went to doctor after doctor, until I found a doctor who knew this knowledge (back then your gut being responsible for your illnesses was new research and a new way of thinking). She said, “Yes, we need to heal your gut to heal your depression.” I now have lived 13 years happy and full of life, due to this knowledge. If you are struggling or know of someone struggling, there is hope!
Do you suffer from an autoimmune issues, trouble losing weight, depression, anxiety, chronic joint pain, low energy, migraines, dementia, or other health issues? The root problem can be inflammation. Inflammation can be thought of as wild fires from the gut that are spreading to the brain and causing some of these issues.
What are you eating that’s causing your inflammation and your problems❓
To fight inflammation stay away from 👎🏻
1️⃣Hormone filled food.
2️⃣Food with glyphosate. Did you know Monsanto is back in court for people suing due to glyphosate destroying the good bacteria in the gut? Monsanto now has over 8000 court cases waiting against them. (Bloomberg) 
3️⃣Foods high in omega 6 (a lot of processed snacks). Our omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio should be 3:1 or 2:1 ratio and most Americans test with a 20:1 ratio. 
4️⃣Foods full of man made chemicals. Remember man made those chemicals to benefit shelf life and profits, not for the benefit of health.
Try instead 👍🏻:
1. Eating organic food when possible
2. Whole food ingredients, not man made chemicals
3. Lots of fruits and vegetables
4. Exercising and sweating to detox
5. Sleep well. If struggling you may be low on magnesium
6. Add anti - inflammatory foods to your diet like turmeric, ginger, broth
7. Take correct supplements, like fish oil or turmeric
8. Work on healing your gut with probiotics, broth, and collagen
“Both molecular & epidemiological research has increasingly suggested that inflammation is linked to a broad range of non-infections diseases.” (EU Mole.Bio Org)