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Do You Think Organic is a Scam?

Yes. True. Happened last week.
My first thought... this poor girl just said that to the wrong lady 😂.
So I kindly educated and said...
How come you say that? And the cashier said, “well you just bought a ton of groceries that could have been cheaper if you didn’t buy organic. I think it’s just a company’s way to make money off of you.”
I responded with: “Honestly I actually don’t care too much about my produce being organic. There are a few fruits and vegetables I buy organic, but not all of them. What I do care about is buying organic processed food.”
Her response, “you care about PROCESSED food being organic??? Really, why?”
I said, “well I buy organic because it tells me that the product has:

No artificial dyes
No artificial sweeteners (like ace-k, aspartame, and sucralose)
No artificial preservatives (like bht).
No artificial flavorings
No glyphosate sprayed directly on the crops
No added hormones
No antibiotics
No gmos
No gmo sugar, soy, canola, or corn (which is in most processed foods)
Animal feed is 100% organic and not with glyphosate by products. 
No ionizing radiation 
No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or sewage sludge”
And I didn’t tell her, but I should have, that it means it’s also farmed to maintain soil and water quality and conserve biodiversity.
I continued, “The word organic was just made in 2000, to help us consumers know it’s a food without all of these man made chemicals.” .

Her response, “oh wow! That’s a ton. I never knew this. How do you know all this?” I kindly told her to follow just.ingredients 😂. (Thankfully no one else was behind me in line and I wasn’t holding up a line while having this conversation😂).
🌟Do you need this list to convince someone that organic is more than just a scam?