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Cheat Sheets are here!

Every day I get people messaging me that they are so overwhelmed with all of this health information and don’t know where to start. So.... I’ve created SIMPLE cheat sheets to help you all out! The first one will be released TODAY 3/21.
The first cheat sheet is the “Top 10 Products” in your home that I’d work on first by replacing with better choices. 
I give you a 1 page download that says:
👉🏻The 10 products I’d first work on
👉🏻Ingredients to avoid in these products
👉🏻Actual better choices (a variety of brands)
👉🏻And where to buy these better choice products.
You can just order from the link (in my profile). All cheat sheets will be $1.99.
Do you want to know what the next cheat sheet is? “The Top 10 Easiest Changes” you can make in your home without others even knowing 😂. (This will be for beginners on their health journey).
Let me know if there’s a topic you’d love to see in these cheat sheets!