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Book & Documentary Recommendations

👨‍👦‍👦Father’s Day👔- How many agree with this? Yes or no?
I hear a lot from woman, that they can’t get their husband or fathers on board with buying cleaner products.
🎁Sometimes giving the husband/father the right book to read or the right documentary to watch does the convincing. So pictured are 3 of my favorites books and 2 of my favorite documentaries🎁 👏🏻.

And just thought these statistics were interesting from Harvard Medical School:
“Men die younger than women, and they are more burdened by illness during life. They fall ill at a younger age and have more chronic illnesses than women. For example, men are nearly 10 times more likely to get inguinal hernias than women, and five times more likely to have aortic aneurysms. American men are about four times more likely to be hit by gout; they are more than three times more likely than women to develop kidney stones, to become alcoholics, or to have bladder cancer. And they are about twice as likely to suffer from emphysema or a duodenal ulcer. Although women see doctors more often than men, men cost our society much more for medical care beyond age 65.”