Baking Essentials-Vanilla – Just Ingredients

Baking Essentials-Vanilla

Did you ever realize the vanilla in your cupboard may be full of chemicals rather than real vanilla extract?
👎🏻picture of vanilla:
This bottle has artificial flavors, caramel color, and propylene glycol. Other 👎🏻 brands of vanilla could also have corn syrup and synthetic vanillin.
❌Artificial flavors can be hundreds of different chemicals mixed together to make the right flavor.
❌Caramel color, besides having 4 methylimidazole in it, which is a possible carcinogen, is sometimes made with ammonia. Ammonia has been shown to cause cancer in mice. Food companies are not required to disclose if this ingredient is made with ammonia. (Public Health Analysis)
❌Propylene glycol - some just call this antifreeze (Advocates of Public Health).
❌Vanillin - is synthetic and is made from wood pulp. It may be produced using petrochemicals and by products from the paper industry. This is not a toxic ingredient. It’s just one that may cause digestive issues, headaches, inflammation or allergic reactions. It’s one more filler in our food, with no health benefit, that’s not necessary. (Global Healing).
Did you know that actual vanilla has a lot of health benefits 👏🏻:
1. It’s a great antioxidant (Scope Med)
2. Helps reduce inflammation (Eur. Journal of Pharmacology)
3. Due to its properties to help fight inflammation, it’s helped those with depression and anxiety (Dictionary of Flavors Book)
4. Helps lower cholesterol (IJEB vol. 15)
5. It’s has antibacterial properties (Molecules 2014)
Pure vanilla extract is very pricey. BUT, it’s a simple recipe to make at home. You just need 4 vanilla beans, some alcohol or glycerin, and a jar. It sits out for 4 weeks and then you have your own vanilla.