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Baking/Cooking Essentials-Soy Sauce

Here’s a grocery shopping tip. Next time you need to buy soy sauce buy coconut amino acids instead.
❌Why not to use soy sauce like the 1st pic:
1. Soy, if not fermented, is an endocrine inhibitor. If the soy sauce is not fermented, it’s processed through acid hydrolyzation (like pic #1).
2. If it’s labeled as hydrolyzed soy protein, it was made within hours (rather than months like the fermented). So many chemicals are added to enhance the color and flavor.
3. The one above has synthetic caramel color and most likely glyphosate sprayed corn.
4. Caramel color has been found to have 4-methylimidazole in it. In 2007 the federal government ordered a study on this chemical and the outcome was that it caused cancer in mice. The government claims it to be a “possible carcinogenic.” This 4-meth ingredient is one of the chemicals California requires a cancer warning sign on the food product if there is more than 29g of it. (FDA).
5. Another chemical detected in those products, called 3-MCPD, has been tied to tumors, infertility, and kidney damage in animal studies. (Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition Journal).
👍🏻Organic soy sauce fermented:
1. Not sprayed with glyphosate.
2. Fermented for months, which can have health benefits to your gut.
3. Has antioxidants
Health benefits of coconut amino acids:
1. They are non gmo, gluten free, and vegan.
2. Only 2 ingredients. The sap from a coconut tree and sea salt.
3. Has 17 amino acids in it.
4. Full of B vitamins, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. (Pub. Med Central).
5. Contains the protein inositol, which helps with depression (J Clinical Psychopharmacology)
6. Inositol can also help with PCOS.(New England Journal of Medicine)
7. About 300% less sodium than soy sauce(USDA).
8. Increases your HDL cholesterol. (Nutritional Hosp.)
9. Has antioxidants proven to help the heart and regulate blood pressure levels (Pharmaceutical Biology).
10. Increases the protein adiponectin. This protein helps with weight loss. (Journal of Endocrinal Metabolism).
11. Helps reduce oxidative stress (Current Neuropharmacology)
12. And so many more