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Back To School-Lunch Boxes

🏫 Back to School - lunch boxes.
Why I moved to a stainless steel bento style type lunch box (the BEST option) for my kids....
. 👏🏻ENVIRONMENT - I was able to stop using plastic ziplock bags every day and do my little part towards helping the environment.
. 👏🏻NO BPA, NO LEAD, NO PHTHALATES - all 3 of these have been found in many types of lunch boxes. BPA and phthalates are known endocrine disruptors that cause numerous issues with our hormones. Theses have been shown in scientific studies to leach into food and drinks. (1) . .
👏🏻EASIER - coming from a moms point of view, I need easy on those hectic school mornings. With the individualized compartments in the lunch boxes, kids (even you g kids) can pack their own lunches and know exactly how much to put in.
. 👏🏻CHEAPER - ok, no these style of lunchboxes are not cheap. But in the long run, they can definitely save you money. 1. Due to these lunch boxes, we have stopped buying individual pre packaged food. This has saved us a ton on our food budget. Putting a few grapes in, a few snap peas, a few slices of cheese, is way cheaper than pre packaged granola bars and pre packaged cookies/crackers. 2. The good stainless steel lunch boxes will last for years.
. 👏🏻PORTIONS - it’s easy to portion out fruits, vegetables and grains based on what you know your child will eat and without enormous amounts that sometimes come in pre packaged food.

My 2 FAVORITE stainless steel lunch boxes are:
🌟Planetbox: while these are a larger up front cost, you can easily use through the entire elementary a dmiddle high school years. These are non-leaching and sturdy. (They are having a huge 25% off sale until Sept. 15th!)
🌟Lunchbots: also stainless steel, light and easy to clean. Great size for kids and teens.

If the bento style lunch boxes aren’t your thing, here are more ways to create an eco-friendly school year. Use: - recyclable sandwich bags
- biodegradable lunch bags
- reusable snack bags
- beeswax wrap
- stainless steel straws